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Our 7m planetarium visited the entire schools for a day and evening of stargazing wonder

Thank you so much for visiting us, and running shows throughout the day for the children, and again in the evening

Absolutely stunning quality, and very impressive presentations 

Bolton-ke-Sands Primary School


February 2019

Our Lancashire planetarium, visited the whole of year 5 inside our planetarium

Kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and really appreciated having longer sessions in the dome

So much content and variety was covered, the children were truly treated

Excellent presentations from such an experienced planetarium presenter

St Andrews Primary School


February 2019

Our Stargazing Birthday Experience, visited London for an afternoon of spacey-fun

OMG this was the best thing ever, couldn't control my excitement

So well organised, and highly recommended

All the parents wanted to join in - the kids could not stop talking about it

Danubius Hotel Regents Park


February 2019

Our giant Dinosaur Dome Theatre visited Perth, delivering two days of award winning Dinosaurs shows to hundreds of visitors

Amazing shows all night inside this giant outdoor immersive dome theatre

Loved heated air conditioning, which was much needed at 10pm!

Stunning 360° 3D quality, and service was brilliant from staff on the night

The queues were massive, but well worth the wait, and very well organised!

Pictures from event here



January 2019

Our giant Aylesbury planetarium delivered shows from Year 2 to Year 8 in one day

Very prompt and quick set up - service was flawless

Highly recommend the live shows, very high energy and entertaining

Excellent show variety, kids loved all the shows

Ashfold School


January 2019

Our London planetarium star dome looked after all of year 5, with our highly acclaimed live astronomer shows

Best planetarium experience ever

epic, felt like the room was moving

Thought I was in space the whole time - please come back

I want one for my room, so cool

Heathmere Primary School


January 2019

Our Enfield planetarium space theatre surprised the children after starting their topic on space

Absolutely superb, the presentations were exceptional and the highlight of the shows

Presenter kept the children really engages, with the entire class in awe

Lovely certificates, and a welcomed surprised of lots of free space ice cream - thank you

Highly recommended, saw these guys at an exhibition and will be booking again

George Spicer Primary School


January 2019

Our Slough 5m planetarium star portal brought wonders of the universe to 300 students across a whole school day

Amazing, thank you so much for an incredibly informative show

Brilliant learning tool - very high quality show

Kids loved every minute of the immersive experience

Cippenham Infant School


January 2019

Our Stalybridge 5m planetarium brought a day of immersive learning to loads of 4 & 5 year olds

The experience was amazing the children really enjoyed their time in the planetarium and gained a lot of information. 

We will definitely be looking at using the experience again if we do this topic

Buckton Vale Primary School


Janurary 2019

Our Bishops Stortford planetarium star theatre, visited the school as part of an amazing space day

Year 1 felt like they had travelled to the far reaches of the universe when they entered the giant mobile planetarium recently & learned all about the solar system.

They could see shooting stars, rockets & planets on their amazing journey

Bishops Stortford College


January 2019

Our Gillingham mobile planetarium visited 300 Yr 9 students as part of their STEM fair 

What a great idea, very informative and inspirational for our Year 9's

The shows were very suitable, and students were engaged

Very informative presenter, and huge planetarium - all the students managed to really relax inside

Rainham Mark Grammar School


January 2019

 Our Penzance/Cornwall mobile planetarium visited 120 children from EYFS to KS2

I liked the drawing bit with spiders and worms

Likied the dark and the shooting stars, and learning about the different stars

The children really loved being in the dome, and the stories told by the presenter. The night sky performance provided the children with an understanding of what can be found in the night. This will provide an excellent base for future learning. Thank you

Pensans CP Primary School

Penzanze, Cornwall

January 2019

Our London mobile planetarium visited 200 children, 3-11 for a day of educational and enrichment

Thank you for visiting our school, children loved every moment of it

Great show, with enthusiastic presenter

Woodlands Academy


January 2019

 Our Slough mobile planetarium saw 120 students, enjoyed our 5m planetarium, and Moon Zoom shows

Superb show, all about the moon

I really like when we flew up close to the moon and its craters

Felt like the room was moving

Phoenix Infant Academy


January 2019

 Our Essex mobile planetarium saw 150 children, 7-10 enjoyed our 6m planetarium, and our 2 in 1 live astronomer show + film

Fantastic presentation by the astronomer Matt

Children really engaged throughout the show


Church Langley Primary School

Harlow, Essex

January 2019

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