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Fancy learning more about the universe?

We offer a variety of courses at all levels. So whether you are an enthusiast looking to follow a structured program or an amateur astronomer looking to build on your knowledge, we have courses and workshops designed around your needs.

All courses are developed and delivered by professionals in the industry and are constantly vetted for quality.

GCSE Astronomy (key stage 4)

  • Duration 12 months - applications open all year round
  • Tutor support via forum, skype and email
  • Study planner
  • Text books both hard copy and digital
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • New visual material and interactive media
  • 2 assessed projects (aided and unaided)
  • Final examination registration and completion
  • Award of GCSE Astronomy qualification (subject to students final grade)

£300 per student or £290 per student 10 or more 

Space Kidets! (key stage 1 upwards)

  • History of Space Exploration
  • History of space with astronomy for kids modules
  • Regular updates regarding what to see when you look up at the night sky
  • Monthly updates posted in to the classroom showing the location of planets, International Space Station, Iridium Flares
  • Module 1 outline
    • Development of the V2 Rocket by Wernher Von Braun
    • Development of Saturn V and Apollo mission
    • Overview of Apollo missions
    • Overview of the men who walked on the Moon
    • Overview of shuttle program
    • Overview of Soyuz and the International Space Station
    • 10 question quiz at the end
  • What do we need to get into astronomy? (Module 2)
  • Addresses a number of pertinent questions children often ask about, such as; how far away and how large are planets. How hot is the sun and what are black holes
  • Module 2 outline
    • Overview of telescopes
    • Recognising constellations and celestial objects one can observe with binoculars or small telescope
    • Tour of the planets, focusing on the fascinating facts of each planet and how we can observe them

£20 per student or £15 per student 10 or more 

Astrophysics & Space Exploration

  • Kepler's Laws and Orbital Motion
    • Historical overview of Kepler's laws
    • Orbital Paramets
    • Newton's law of gravitation
    • Types of orbit
    • Getting in to space and orbit transfers
  • History of Space Exploration
    • The space age begins
    • Beyond Apollo, space stations and the shuttle
    • Looking up, looking down (Earth orbiting satellites)
    • Probing the solar system
  • Earth's Atmosphere
    • Structure of physical properties of the atmosphere
    • Atmospheric phenomena (sky, clouds, meteors, aurorae etc)
    • The ozone layer
    • The greenhouse effect
  • The physics of stars
    • Internal structure and stellar radiation
    • The birth of stars
    • Thermonuclear reaction
    • The death of stars
    • Variable stars
  • Observational Techniques
    • Overview reminder of the electromagnetic spectrum
    • Overview of the history of the discovery of radio waves
    • Looking at different wavelengths
    • Types of telescopes
    • Spectroscopy
  • Cosmology
    • Theories of the Universe including steady state and cyclic universe theory
    • CMB and Explorer 1
    • Dark matter
    • Relativity and gravitational waves


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