STEM Games

Board Game Learning

Game 1:

Reaction! The Interactive Chemistry Trading Game
Duration: 30-50 mins
A fun interactive game helping students explore the properties and sustainability of everyday materials.
Students will be asked to give their own ideas on “What makes a sustainable building material?” and learn why materials like wood, metal and glass are so useful.
Discover transformative reactions and how some reactions result in the formation of new materials!
We also cover the differences between reversible and irreversible reactions such as ice and rust.
79% of respondents said they understood Reactions better after they played the game and 100% said they would recommend it to their friends.
Original Quote:
“(Reaction!) was a great activity to bring the class together at the end of the unit and also encouraged cooperation ” —Teacher, Fairlight Primary School, Brighton

Game 2:

Biotical: The Game of Bacteria and Virus Resistance
Duration: 45-60 mins
An exciting and informative disease game which helps students understand the difference between bacterial and viral infections.
During gameplay, students encounter a variety of different infections and have the choice as to whether they take antibiotics.
This encourages conversations on superbugs and how our society is over prescribing antibiotics as well as the future of medicine.
We also cover the differences between reversible and irreversible reactions such as ice and rust.
We also cover the importance of getting different vaccines, with humourous chance cards which affect all players regardless of whether they’re vaccinated.
84% of respondents said they understood the differences between bacterial and viral infections after playing the game and 100% of respondents said they would play it again!
Original Quote answer to Why did you enjoy playing Biotical: The Game of Bacteria and Virus Resistance:
“I enjoyed it because it was taught by a brilliant teacher”— Child, Highbank Primary School, Nottingham

Length | 45mins

Virtual requirements | Laptop, tablet

In School requirements | Hall or Classroom

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the life cycle of stars, from the chemistry and physics to the timescales involved.

Students will have an insight into what a black hole is, how it is formed, and the strange observations that could be made around it. They will understand accretion discs and singularities, and the various sizes of black hole, from miniature to supermassive.

Using AR devices to explore galaxy/black hole phenomena.

  • Introduction to gravity and how it powers stars (10 mins)

    Life cycles of stars, main sequence, comparison of various stars (15 mins)

    Black holes (15 mins)

    Conclusion and questions (5 mins)