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1.28 Million PPE items imported across our partnership network to ensure, the lowest possible prices and fastest delivery (24hrs) for our UK customers

165,000 subsidised face masks across to the UK to the front line, vulnerable, small charities and schools being delivered.

Over 8000 face masks delivered for free to those in urgent need

FREE clothing to those sleeping on the streets

Grant support to schools so they can keep their children learning whilst away from school

FREE learning to NHS staff children with 1-1 learning across multiple curriculum subjects


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  • Educational resources for home learning and continuing in-school development

  • Access to Space Kidets online for 6 months for FREE

  • Access to watch some of our educational and entertainment films online for FREE

  • Access to watch all shows in international languages online for FREE

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PRESS RELEASE: 3 APRIL 2020 - FREE facemasks being manufactured

I am grateful to announce after a company wide check on all our staff health, we have no reports of COVID-19 cases within our firm to date. I would personally like to applaud to huge effort of our not only our teams, but their families, some of whom work for the NHS.

We have also changed our manufacturing for the rest of the year from making domes and immersive projection systems to making CE approved facemasks for customers, clients, general public. health care sector and those in urgent need of PPE if they are vulnerable


Changes to come into effect as of April 2020

  • Thanks to our huge fleet of 14+ planetariums, all clients who have postponed and re-booked for a later date, will be provided with a clean, disinfected dome system, which WONT then be used the following day for another booking.

  • After each use, all domes will be wiped/sprayed down, kept for 9 days wrapped and then 'baked' outdoors for at least 1 hour in direct sunlight where possible. This drastically reduces the chances of any contaminnent.

  • All domes will also operate a reduced capacity, once the NHS and government have deemed we can now be close to one another again. This is a new added safety requirement we feel necessary in case we see a return of cases.


We're the only UK operator who can deliver this, thanks to some of our unique company features

    • Over 14 planetariums in the fleet, means we can afford to only use each dome once a day and then allow it to be cleaned and left for over a week to ensure contaminants do not build up.

    • Large AV backup usually used for events, means all projectors, laptops and sound can be used once, and then left for a week, with no loss of booking capacity

    • Reduce capacity but not numbers, thanks to our huge domes including 7m, 8m and 10m dome with even at half filled can hold 35, 45, 50 at a time with space between each student

    • Large and multiple site storage facilities, means staff do not have to visit the same site, resulting in reduce contact of materials within the same unit

    • All staff provided with suitable PPE, alchohol and/or disinfectant wipes to ensure all equipment is maintained before and after use at event

    • All staff provided with multiple uniforms, so they can be removed and washed daily and not used for more than 8 hours a day

Yours sincerley,

Zee Dinally FRAS | CEO


As the government confirmed the innevitable closure of schools, I would like to thank all the schools who have supported us by moving their bookings to May 2020 onwards.

We proudly boast the UK's largest fleet of planetariums, and immersive experiences, so will be ready as soon as schools can re-open safely. All schools who postponed, will be booked first, followed by new enquiries

We have also postponed all public events, including shopping centres to at least May 2020, when we will assess the situation further.

You can keep up to date on which public event are still scheduled to be open here

Please keep well, safe and do reach out to us if you need any advice or support for your school

Yours sincerley, 

Zee Dinally FRAS | CEO


Further to my press release on 16 March 2020, the latest advice from government which came in only hours after after my update, has resulted in several schools requesting postponement.

I am grateful to see teachers and head teachers taking a lead in protecting, their children, staff as well as outreach organisations like ours; as the demands for our education service is particularly high at this time of year, with thousands of children expecting to enjoy our award winning educational programs.

'Social distancing, and non-essential travel' is now a personal responsibility for me and my team, who have family, and elderly to also look after.

Therefore, please consider ALL remaining March and potentially April bookings postponed. I know a lot of schools have already requested new dates, but the urgency for a visit from our company should now be secondary. We can always visit in the near future, and bring our experiences to you under a more relaxed climate. All schools who have requested to postpone already, will be offered dates first, and we have temporarily stopped taking bookings until the situation changes for the better.

Once the peak virus period has passed (currently we feel, and hope this may be March/April only), a visit from our company will of course be arranged and personally I feel this will be a lovely treat for children and staff, helping with moral.

Any school which has not yet requested a postponement will be called either by myself or a Director, so please ask your headteacher to expect a call to confirm our course of action. I have been speaking with a large numbers of schools, including head teachers, and we want to do everything we can to minimise the negative impact, and also be supportive in anyway we can.

Most of our workforce will now be asked to refrain from visiting schools, and to remain at home to look after themselves, family and support their community.

Again, I would like to thank the schools who have supported us, and are looking to postpone, as the loss to our business can be mitigated by the re-booking at a later date. We have also made provisions to ensure all our staff are taken care of, whilst not visiting schools.

I would also like to strongly encourage other outreach providers and planetariums to postpone their bookings to help reduce the risks, but acting in unison

Yours Sincerley,

Zee Dinally FRAS | CEO


Dear customers,

I’m taking this opportunity to let you know where Immersive Experiences stands amid current concerns around coronavirus – and what measures we’ve introduced to protect customers and colleagues alike.

I’m grateful to report we’ve experienced no cases of COVID-19 among our workforce, and that recent events have had no impact on our capacity to deliver bookings, with over 8500 children already having enjoyed our experiences safely, along with staff including science week. We continue to monitor developments and abide by advice from the government and the World Health Organisation to ensure this remains the case.

The well-being of our colleagues is paramount, as well as our schools, shopping centres and business clients. In addition to our customary high standards of hygiene, we’ve implemented a heightened cleaning regime across all our teams. We’ve circulated around the business, tissues, hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes among colleagues. Non-essential meetings and travel have also been cancelled in favour of remote solutions.

I’m confident that we’re doing everything in our power to meet this challenge with a response that’s effective and proportionate. I would ask all schools and clients to support us, in to staying up to date with their company movements and follow advice direct from the government website, to avoid miscommunication.

All staff, children, parents etc should report clearly if they feel any symptoms, asked to remain at home where possible and let you know if they need any additional support. This will help protect both your workforce and ours.

In the unlikely event you are required to postpone an event, please let me know directly via email, and we will reschedule. We will only postpone your event, if we feel your region might be slightly higher in risk, or if someone in either of our teams is feeling unwell, thus requiring extra caution to be safe.

As the head of the UK's largest operator of award winning planetariums, planetarium presenters and reaching over 150,000 children this year alone, I feel this is the time to come together, be kind and support each other positively and with pro-active action.

Please do not hesistate to contact either myself or my team, if you require anything further, no matter how big or small as we will get through this time TOGETHER

Yours sincerley,

Zee Dinally FRAS | CEO

Nearly 4000 Face Masks provided for FREE
to small local groups, small charities, schools and individuals who are vulnerable and unable to seek support readily.

Councils and larger organisations are encourage to order at cost price, with 10% being covered by our company to ensure this remains a cost neutral offer.

Packs come ready in minimum batches of 50, and cost with our subsidy as little at 0.80p + VAT per facemask ensuring they conform to both UK and EU standards.

Up to 5000 units can be ordered per customer.
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FREE Facemasks
Need some extra peace of mind? We're having another 15,000 made and delivered next week, with at least 10% being delivered for FREE

FREE Films On Demand
That's right, why not watch some of our films online for free! Space, Dinosaurs, History, Music, Art and More...
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FREE NHS Kids Learning Club
To support some of our key workers. Subjects include: Astronomy, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Business Studies.
International Shows
Shows available in 19 languages, available to watch fully online without subscription. 
6 month FREE 
Fully sponsored by Immersive Experiences until September 2020 'Space Kidets' online space program that helps prepare Kidets for a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Maths (STEM)
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165,500 Face Masks to Councils & Care Homes

Our councils and businesses have now ordered over 165,500 CE approved fluid repellant Face Masks with 10% of the cost being covered by our emergency grant support. Another 80,000 are available now to order.


Hear from some of our customers, councils, schools, care homes and communities. The impact of our work has reached all corners of the United Kingdom

16000 FREE Face Masks and PPE provided

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Councils, Charities, schools, vulnerable groups have now received over 16000 pieces of PPE including Face Masks. Hand Sanitizer, Soaps, Clothing and more as part of our subsidised orders and giveaways



100% goes towards our support schemes, including providing vital assitance to those most vulnerable. Your donations will also ensure we can keep the costs low, and we accept donations from just £1

£17,750 Grant Support so far for the Nation

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So far, we have spent nearly £18,000 of our own money to help subsidise and procure PPE in large enough quantites to distribute across the UK. Help us by donating just £1 today!

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