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The best of both worlds: an astronomer-led night sky curriculum linked show followed by a 360˚ film. Available with all performances…

Length: 30-45mins

A Way to Infinity

What exactly is ‘infinity’? Is anything truly infinite? Is the Universe infinite? Either way, how do we…

Length: 14mins


The exploration of space is the greatest endeavour that humankind has ever undertaken. What does it take to be part of this incredible journey? What…

Length: 23mins

Astronomy – 3000 Years of Stargazing

A tour of the major astronomical milestones of the last 3,000 years – from the cosmological models of antiquity, to the Ptolemaic system of…

Length: 32mins



One of the most asked questions about the Universe is “How big is it?” and that’s one of the hardest to…

Length: 23mins

Cell! Cell! Cell!

You consist of between 70-100 thousand thousand million living cells (70-100 trillion). They work. They talk. They think. They are what makes you…

Length: 25mins


Leisure, relaxation, contemplation. From chaos to creative calm, immerse your senses in the beauty of abstract…

Length: 6mins

Chronicle of a Journey to Earth

Travel to a unique planet — to call your home! Imagine that you are a traveller from the depths of interstellar…

Length: 20mins

Circles of Time

An artistic interpretation of the colours of each month spread over four seasons. Relax…

Length: 12mins

Climate Change

Learn about meteorological phenomena, explore our planet’s biosphere and examine global weather patterns in this dynamic 360˚…

Length: 25mins

Clockwork Skies

Explore the motions of the stars, Sun, Moon and planets across the sky. Are they moving, or are we…

Length: 5mins

Coral Rekindling Venus

During the transit of Venus in the 18th century, countries at war paused hostilities and co-operated in allowing scientists safe passage to…

Length: 20 & 45mins

Cosmic Castaways

Occasionally stars find themselves on their own, flung deep into the dark voids between the galaxies…

Length: 18mins

Cosmic Dance

Breathtaking choreography and 360° visuals will engulf you in an unforgettable cinema experience in this unique film…

Length: 45mins


Dancers are uploaded into a computer‘s operating system and race against time to battle a virus and resolve…

Length: 4mins


A collection of beautiful time-lapse photographs of the natural world. Over 10,000…

Length: 7mins


A 360˚ film that explains and explores the nature of dark matter, the missing 80% of the mass of the…

Length: 20mins

Dawn of the Space Age

A spellbinding account of humanity’s first attempts to leave planet Earth: from the launch of the first artificial satellite Sputnik, to the…

Length: 30 & 41mins

Diana Reichenbach : 0.1

0.1. is an immersive fulldome animated film exploring the evolution of human perception. As digital interactions become closely integrated with…

Length: 8mins

Dynamic Earth

Stunning 360° film exploring the inner workings of global climate, using rich visualisations based on…

Length: 24mins

Escher’s Universe

Unusual shapes, 3D constructs, dual worlds, unreal buildings and impossible continuities are revealed in this unique…

Length: 26mins

Extrasolar Planets

We live on a small planet revolving around a star similar in size, luminosity and location in the galaxy as countless others….

Length: 30mins


With a dancer in a bubble we travel to astonishing fantasy worlds amongst the stars….

Length: 5mins

Fractal Explorations

Fractals are a relatively new branch of mathematics that blossomed after the appearance of…

Length: 35mins


Fractals are never-ending patterns made from algebraic equations. Animated in 360˚ they take you on dazzling journeys in and out of infinity….

Length: 25mins


Abstracted 360° body movements meet, greet, play and dance together across the dome. Based on the Olympic…

Length: 4mins

From Earth to the Universe

The night sky, both beautiful and mysterious, has been the subject of campfire stories, ancient myths and awe for as long as…

Length: 30mins

Fulldome Fragments

Snippets of immersive inspiration. Can be enjoyed as part of a show or stand-alone. Sample some of…

Length: 1-5min


A brief introduction to the immense collections of stars called galaxies. Learn how clues about the nature of galaxies (‘milky objects’)…

Length: 14mins

Great Planet Adventures

With muscles and bones built for Earth, you’d be a superstar on the Solar System’s low-gravity worlds. Imagine bungee jumping into Space from an…

Length: 11 & 17 & 22mins

Gremlins: Ego

A breathtaking and unrivalled fulldome experience by professional artist Michel Gingras…

Length: 7mins

Gremlins: Waan

A journey into dissolving space. Multicolored patterns expand and contract in a circular “breathing” way pushing the limits of resolution…

Length: 7mins


At the dawn of time, the Universe comes into being and star fields begin to take form. The Hindu deity and…

Length: 6mins

Journey to a Billion Suns

The immense distances between objects in space were not understood for ages and our Milky Way was a profound mystery…

Length: 30 & 45mins

Journey To Infinity

Take a breathtaking journey from the UK to the edge of the Solar System and beyond…

Length: 10mins

Light Echoes

Cosmic art created by dying stars: 12 echoes of light from dramatic explosions in deep space…

Length: 5mins

Liquid Light Flow

Inside a virtual, transparent dome the audience immersed in multicoloured ‘liquid light’…

Length: 5mins

Liszt From Space

When the Universe feels unwitnessed, it might just play with some of the tones…

Length: 14mins

Little ABC

A set of three short 7-min immersive films addressing Light, Clouds and Meteorites. Aimed at children 3-7 years old…

Length: 3 x 7mins

Losing The Dark

Starry skies are a vanishing treasure because light pollution is erasing our view of the Universe. Such pollution…

Length: 6mins

Lucy’s Cradle

Based on the diversity of human DNA, all modern humans can be traced to an ancestral population in East Africa. A unique environment for the…

Length: 23mins

poster magnetism 600


MAGNETISM demonstrates how the Earth’s magnetic field protects our planet from energetic particles from the Sun and galaxy, and how the magnetic…

Mayan Prophecies

Visit the classic Mayan cities to discover how the Maya aligned their temples to watch their sky gods and…

Length: 26mins


Two students complete an initially boring assignment with the help of surprising software called Nanocam….

Length: 27mins

Natural Selection

Journey with Charles Darwin on the HMS Beagle to the Galapagos Islands, where he was inspired to develop the theory of…

Length: 29 & 41mins

Origins of Life

Origins of Life deals with some of the most profound questions of life science: the origins of life and the human search for life beyond…

Length: 23mins


A condensed, modern and surrealistic 360° version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, performed by a group…

Length: 20mins

Sizing Up Space

How big is the distance between the Earth and the Sun – or between the Sun and the other planets?…

Length: 13mins

Solar Quest

A thrilling 10-min field trip to our nearest star the Sun…

Length: 10mins

Space Shapes

What’s the difference between a sphere and a disc? A ball and a pancake? Lift off in a rocket and find out!…

Length: 9mins

Stars of the Pharaohs

Travel to ancient Egypt to see how science was used to tell time, make a workable calendar, and align huge buildings.

Length: 30-36mins

Sunset Meditation

A collection of beautiful time-lapse photographs of the natural world. Over 10,000…

Length: 7mins


Sunshine is a lovable cartoon Sun – and he doesn’t care if children get loud or excited: in fact…

Length: 14mins


Discover the wonders of our Sun. Our local star’s incredible energy has supported life…

Length: 20mins

Supernovas Company

A cosmic tragicomedy for older children and adults. The script is written in verse, featuring astrophysicist Kurioseo Kuirosei…

Length: 20mins


The eruption of the volcano Toba in Sumatra 74,000 years ago was the largest eruption our planet has experienced in the last 25 million years. Yet…

Length: 24mins

Tempus Ruhr

A beautifully evocative ‘nightshift portrait’ of the Ruhr metropolis of northwest Germany, captured utilising…

Length: 22mins

The Adventures of Victor & Garu

An inspirational endorsement to the joys of travel, touching lightly on social issues. The film attempts to stimulate the urge to discover and…

Length: 25mins

The Alien Who Stole Christmas

The Alien Who Stole Christmas

Join Santa Clause and a concerned alien Mr. Freep, as they explore the solar system’s planets and meet the Christmas Eve needs of their fictitious…

The Birth of the Solar System

How did our solar system originate? What chain of events led to its creation? Just as detectives look for traces of evidence to solve a…

Length: 22mins

The Body Code

Fly through the carotid artery and explore the eye, brain, ear and heart. Then shrink down to the size of a cell to see its nucleus and DNA…

Length: 21mins

The Dark Matter Mystery

What holds galaxies together? What are the building blocks of the Universe? Why does the…

Length: 38mins

The Earth and Me

When it comes to the health of our planet, each of us holds the power to make a significant difference. Just as…

Length: 26mins

The Hot and Energetic Universe

High-energy astrophysics plays a key role in understanding the Universe and it’s hot and violent nature. The hot gas…

Length: 29mins

The Incredible Sun

Every second the Sun emits a million times more energy than the world consumes in a year. How does the Sun make such vast amounts of…

Length: 11mins

The Ooky Spooky Light Show

The Ooky Spooky Light Show was developed for planetariums interested in holiday themed light shows for their audiences….

Length: 38mins

The Planets

Presented in the style of a game show, The Planets tests people’s knowledge of the planets in our Solar System. The audience find…

Length: 35mins

The Scientific Alphabet

7-minute soundbites of scientific information communicated with stunning 360˚ visuals…

Length: 3 x 7mins

The Trench

Audiences are transported back 100 years and surrounded by the infamous WWI trenches. The horrors of the conflict are implied but never shown, making…

Length: 24mins

Tren Italia

Fulldome experience immersing the viewer of train travel…

Length: 4mins

Two Small Pieces of Glass

A film about two students as they interact with a female astronomer at a local star party…

Length: 24mins

Voyager – Interstellar Mission

The mission objective of the Voyager Interstellar Mission (VIM) is to extend the NASA exploration of the solar system beyond the neighborhood of the…

Length: 5mins

Waiting Far Away

“An explorer of the Cosmos has travelled too far… and can no longer find home”…

Length: 11mins

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

Travel with caffeine molecules through cell membranes into the blood stream and the brain, interacting with adenosine…

Length: 24mins

We Are Aliens

Join scientists in the hunt for real aliens. How do we know which planets could harbour life? What are the requirements for…

Length: 25mins

We Are Astronomers

Do you know what an astronomer does? Today’s astronomer is not the lone observer of past centuries….

Length: 25mins

We Are Stars

An exhilarating journey through time and space in search of our origins. Where did the atoms and molecules that make up our bodies…

Length: 26mins

World 2 War

Place your students right at the centre of one of the most momentous periods of history with this 360° overview of World War II and…

Length: 29 & 42mins

Written on the Body

The world’s first fulldome dance film, transporting ‘Dance for Screen’ into a new dimension, the 360˚ screen…

Length: 8mins