Immersive Experiences® is a global technology company powering immersive experiences worldwide across Sports & Entertainment, Science & Education, and Parks & Attractions.

We can boast the world’s largest fleet of planetariums and domes, and we are one of the few such companies in the world capable of simultaneously delivering over 10 amazing planetarium experiences each day.

Our brand has built its trusted reputation through combining decades of experience within schools, museums, commerce and international business sectors.

For example, Immersive Experiences was chosen as the project managers for the potential large-scale ‘space city’ installation in China, worth over $300million – a testimony to how far we have come and a proud moment in our company’s history.

We have also been awarded ‘Best Mobile Planetarium Specialists’, ranking us as the No. 1 choice for immersive planetarium learning.

World’s Finest Planetariums

Our state-of-the-art mobile planetariums, sensory 360° domes and outdoor geodesic marquees cover curriculum, cross curricular, and Common Entrance 13+ learning, with subjects including: 

Astronomy, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Palaeontology, Geology, Geography, Mathematics, Art, Music, Dance, Culture, Photography and Film/Design/VR.

Immersive Experiences is one of the largest planetarium operators in the world, with a global reach and unprecedented growth year on year, making huge strides in increasing accessibility, audience reach, innovative dome use and technology integration.

Educational Excellence

Our creative educational shows range from Early Years/Foundation to Key Stage 5, Post-16 and Graduate level, teaching multiple subjects across the curriculum.

Our presenters and education officers also cover both the National Curriculum and Common Entrance 13+ syllabus, and shows are delivered by University Professors, Doctorates, Masters of Education and highly acclaimed teaching presenters from our US and UK teams.

We now reach 150,000 students per year, and over the course of the team’s careers, we have taught over half a million children all over the world.

Our shows are available either dubbed or subtitled in Arabic, Catalan, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Polish and Russian.

Immersive Timeline

  • 2007 – Founder entered industry
  • 2009 – Discovery Dome Planetarium Agent
  • 2011 – Established Immersive Theatres
  • 2014 – Established Immersive Experiences Ltd
  • 2018 – International Project Management Award
  • 2019 – Awarded Best Planetarium Provider
  • 2020 – Established virtual planetarium
  • 2021 – Post COVID audiences returned
  • 2022 – Acquired Creative Space CIC