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We have been installing our stunning ‘pop-ups’ for years, all over the UK. These installations are designed to engage the public and allow them to take some time out during their day.


  • Space Camp, Out of the World, Blast Off
  • Under the Sea
  • Chocolate World
  • Science Games
  • Kids Play Area
  • Waking with Dinosaurs
  • Valentines
  • Half Term Fun
  • Histories
  • Disney
  • Bespoke theme, if you can think, we can build it!

Our teams consist of designers, artists, musicians and business specialists to ensure our installations fit right into your centre.

  • Huge stock of props to match all of themes
  • Worksheet certificates to take away
  • Food samples, including our Astronaut Space Ice-cream
  • Shopper competitions to win a free visit from us
  • Tactile learning fun: touch a meteorite, dig for dinosaur bones
  • Digital engagement, through our Augmented Reality games
  • Virtual Reality and interactive screens
  • Soft flooring, cushions, tables
  • Surround displays and hanging props
  • UK’s most popular shopping centre immersive entertainment company with over 30 shopping centres installations
  • Staff with decades of combined experience in running public events and fully DBS checked
  • Full site visit either in person or virtual for a full reccee and risk assessment
  • Professional hardware, including cabling, tensa barriers, UPS and backup equipment
  • Staff fully trained before each event, in accordinance with your centre’s procedures
  • Designated event officer, experienced in running events, managing large crowds and staff
  • Full insurance including 10m public liability, PAT test, fire test and child safety policies


Our Virtual Reality experiences are a perfect fusion of learning and entertainment


  • A personal experience
  • Perfect for SEND, SLD, PMLD audiences
  • Fully accessible for ages 10 years and above
  • Multiple languages
  • Over 100 programs, and 15 themes

“ Incredible VR services, and so educational.”
Lambeth Country Show

“ Unbelievable, it felt surreal!” Northampton Borough Council


A fabulous addition to any event

Floris glides through events in this beautiful mobile flower globe, interacting with the public, emanating a warmth and goodness reminiscent of childhood fairy tales, sharing her world with them.

Audiences are encouraged by her to press the big button on the outside of her world which makes the beautiful blossom mobile above her head rotate and all the little butterflies on it bob.

From bridal showers to the big day itself, we provide a unique 360° experience to your guest looking for some-thing different. Maybe you want us to entertain children or perhaps play some beautiful trippy music/art in our digital immersive cinematic theatres.

All our performances/portable venues can be customised with your images, messages, music and decorations. Our outdoor venues can hold around 50-70 guests, including chairs, table, stage area and DJ booth.
Our outdoor venues also link together to make even larger spaces, so no matter how large the event, we can build the perfect marquee.


Go through the wardrobe to a magical themed Christmas experience. We take you inside the immersive dome to experience memorable content like never before.

We use a state-of-the-art 360 cinema, including up to 200 titles to choose from covering Christmas, art, music, dance and more.

It can be dressed and themed, including popular props (trees and digital snow). It’s fully themed to enchant and delight audiences and families – whatever their age and needs.

Great for photo opportunities as well as a unique experience bringing audiences back into your retail/ shopping centre.


We have lots of inflatables to enhance your Halloween event, including our talking trees! These are i deally used within a unit of a shopping centre or inside one of our domes where it is dark, and then lit up. If retailers have a spare unit, then we can theme the entire unit to blend in the installation.

We also have The Ooky Spooky Light Show, which we developed for Halloween, with ten amazing songs. The Ooky Spooky Light Show makes it great for a feature show or something quick to tack on to the end of another feature show during the Halloween season.


Domes for weddings, proms, parties or just because...

Immersive Experiences do not just supply the domes and the content but can dress, theme and manage your event.

Attractive themed interiors attract audiences and create a magical experience, whatever the occasion. The only limit is your imagination!

We offer hypnotic, trippy, psychedelic events that promise to blow your audiences away with a truly unique 360° cinematic entertaining experience. Each of our events are delivered to you bespoke to match the theme of your event.

All our experiences are fully accessible and world leading for the inclusion of PMLD, SEN,Wheelchair, Hearing/Visual-ly impaired audiences.


Create moving set pieces and effects with imagery and imagination

We can add projectors, to create moving set pieces and effects with imagery and imagination. These are real winners for lighting trails, bringing the event to life, making it magical and memorable.

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