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Storytelling Workshops & CPD

When used with skill, traditional storytelling is a performance style that can thoroughly enthral young audiences and spark their engagement in absolutely any subject. 

Researchers at Bath University recently proved storytelling to be the most effective teaching tool for any curriculum subject.

Our versatile storytellers at a glance

    • Our lead presenter wrote the EU’s guidance on using storytelling in classrooms.
    • Co-produced online storytelling videos for the world-renowned Oxford Reading Tree phonics scheme.
    • Performs at the Glastonbury Festival regularly.
    • Has run performances and workshops for schools in 8 countries.

Storytelling for children of all ages

Our in-person performances are designed to stimulate children’s creativity and love of literacy. These can be delivered for groups of any size, age range 3 to 18.

The storyteller arrives with a head full of stories and a few small props. Every child in each class gets a say in the story that’s told, ensuring their complete ownership of the experience.

We can also combine this with our amazing domes, telling some more of the stories about the Sun and Moon, or the characters across the night sky!

Suitable for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Introduction to storytelling
  • Speaking and listening
  • Stories from around the world
  • Storytelling into writing
  • World Book Day
  • National Storytelling Week

Booking Information & Package Options

Children aged 3-7

    • Recommended duration is 30min
    • 60 & 90 min versions available
    • Suitable for entire year groups, individual classes, or smaller groups

Children aged 7+

    • Recommended duration is 60min 
    • 90 & 120 min versions available
    • Suitable for entire year groups, individual classes, or smaller groups
    • Primary school
      • Whole school assembly of 30min
      • 3 sessions of 30 min for EYFS/KS1
      • 4 sessions of 50 min for KS2
    • With social distancing adaptations
      • No assembly
      • 3 sessions of 35 min for EYFS/KS1
      • 4 sessions of 55 min for KS2
    • from £350 + VAT (Half School Day)
    • from £500 + VAT (Full School Day)

Virtual Storytelling

These sessions have the same content as our in-person school shows, only presented via a livestream. Same impactful storytelling with child input, delivered to the comfort & safety of your home or classroom.

Booking Information & Package Options

Children aged 3-7

    • Recommended duration is 45 min max per session
    • 15 min break in-between sessions

Children aged 7+

    • Recommended duration is 45 min max per session
    • 15 min break in-between sessions
    • £80 + VAT per session
    • £250 + VAT per school day (6 sessions)

Themed Storytelling Experiences

Personalise the storytelling experience as much as you like, with themed stories, costumes, and props. Past themes include:

    • Christmas Around the World
    • Science and Storytelling
    • Saxons and Vikings
    • Ancient Greeks/Romans
    • Beowulf
    • Anti-Bullying

Booking Information & Package Options

Allow an additional 15 min before the first session for our storytellers to dress the theme with our beautiful props

    • From £50 + VAT for one of our existing themes
    • From £150 + VAT for a new theme researched around your own topic, with dedicated and custom sourced/made props constructed for your event

Series Workshops

Watch your children’s imaginations soar and their writing stamina strengthen with these specialist workshop series. Each class receives 3x45min workshops (EYFS/KS1) or 5x1hr workshops (KS2) across a 2-week period.

    • Storytelling presents (EYFS)
    • Monsters! (KS1)
    • Story Wizards (KS2)

Booking Information & Package Options

    • Up to 35 children per session
    • These sessions can be delivered as standard within schools, or vitually online with sessions increased by 15min.
    • Free 1hr INSET for staff to continue developing their children’s writing beyond the series
    • from £350 + VAT (virtual) or £750 + VAT (in-person) per class for each entire series
    • minimum spend (i.e. 2 classes) £700 + VAT (virtual) or £1,500 + VAT (in-person)
    • maximum spend (i.e. all classes beyond the first 4 are free) £1,400 + VAT (virtual) or £3,000 + VAT (in-person)

Teacher CPD

Our teacher training enables an entire school’s staff to develop the skills they need to keep their classes as engaged as any Immersive Experiences storyteller – and take the maximum advantage of that engagement for the children’s learning, confidence, and well-being.

Training topics include:

    • The Engagement Keychain: how to ensure your children are enthralled no matter the size, age range, or ability of the group.
    • Easy, safe, and effective participation techniques to increase your children’s ownership of any story.
    • How to teach any subject using storytelling – including numeracy, science, and PE.
    • Storytelling into writing: how traditional storytelling can motivate your children to regularly produce high quality innovative writing, without the need for copying your every action.

Booking Information & Package Options

    • All teachers participate in a 2hr Storytelling Masterclass, followed by a Story-Led Learning Masterclass (using stories to teach any subject).
    • The school receives 3x 1hr sessions with our storyteller, to receive bespoke guidance as they design their first Story-Led term of work.
    • School receives access to an online course allowing them to quickly train future staff in their chosen approach.
    • All training can be delivered online or in-person. Where possible, we will usually invite more than one school to each Masterclass.
    • £2,000 + VAT for <120 pupils
    • £3,500 + VAT for 120–540 pupils,
    • £4,500 + VAT for 540+ pupils

Documents available on request

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  • Risk Assessments & Method Statements
  • Public Liability, Indemnity, Employers
  • Fire Certificate, PAT Certificate
  • Child Protection & Audience Code of Conduct