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STEM Games

Board Game Learning

Hybrid Games provides outstanding workshops to bridge the gap between play and learning STEM. We have worked in schools and festivals all over the UK and continue to launch games about unusual subjects, including viruses, antibiotics, chemical reactions, and the menstrual cycle.
Our workshops help build scientific knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm for learning science and developing communication skills between children. We work hard to provide games suitable for those with Neurodiverse brains, as accessibility is at the heart of our values.

Game 1: The Biology Game

Biotical: The Game of Bacteria and Virus Resistance
Duration: 45-60 mins
Ages: 7+


Biotical helps students understand the differences between Bacteria and Viruses whilst students become familiar with identifying types of infections for antibiotic usage.


Communication and literacy. Promotes conversations about how we use medicine and the future of science. Reading and recalling cards help students progress in the game.

Player feedback:
“I enjoyed it because it was taught by a brilliant teacher”— Child, Highbank Primary School, Nottingham
Children Playing STEM Games

Game 2: The Chemistry Game

Reaction! The Interactive Chemistry Trading Game
Duration: 30-50 mins
Ages: 6+
Ladies playing cards


This Chemistry trading game helps enhance students’ knowledge of basic reactions and sustainable materials whilst playing a fast-paced game.


Communication and Maths skills. Students discuss the ethics of using plastic, and multiplying and subtracting scores.

Player feedback:

“(Reaction!) was a great activity to bring the class together at the end of the unit and also encouraged cooperation.” —Teacher, Fairlight Primary School, Brighton

New for 2023: Design your own board game!

Have your idea, prototype it and test it out in this new workshop
Duration: 2-3 hours
Ages: 8+


Students will be asked to plan, design and create their own board games. They’ll have the beginnings of a game which they can take home and continue to develop.


Design thinking, Student-led learning, Problem-solving

Creating a board game from scratch is no easy task, so participants in this workshop will learn a lot about game mechanics and design.

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Price per facilitator for up to a maximum of 30 participants per session

£300 + VAT Half day

£450 + VAT Full day

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