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Meet the Team

Executive Board

Zee Dinally FRAS
Founder & CEO

Sumpa Paul LLB
Founder & COO

Prof Patricia Reiff
Director of Astrophysics

Chip Colquhoun
Director of Storytelling

David Ault
Head of Education


Directors and Management

James Silcox
Head of Historical Learning 

Tim Chesney
Head of Digital Arts

Holly Bazley
Head of STEM Games

George Plumley
Accounts Manager

Chris, Louise and Pak
Regional Planetarium Managers

Creative Design Manager

Laura Morris
Website Manager

Planetarium Officers & Presenters

Senior Planetarium Officers

Matt Nutter
Rachael Perkins
Zain Iqbal

Planetarium Officers

Paul Metcalf
Nour Eltair
Louise Weightman
Matt Bowen

Planetarium Assistants

Chanida, Lizzy, Marcel
Sabeha, Federica, Charis
Adam, Isabella, Chelsea

International Consultants & Agents

Paul Bourke
Fulldome Consultant 

Shawn Laatch
Astronomy Advisor 

Thomas Strini
Planetarium Agent & Presenter (Europe) 

Akash Dusrath
Planetarium Agent (South Africa) 


Michael Hutchinson
Planetarium Agent (US) 

Tim Barry
Planetarium Agent (Middle East) 

Mohammed Altaf
Planetarium Agent & Engineer (Asia) 

Reza Hosenkhan
Planetarium Agent & Lecturer (Africa)