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  • Immersive Experiences and Immersive Theatres, are two separate and different companies.
  • Immersive Theatres was established in 2011 by our founder Zee Dinally, but unfortunately in circa 2016 – 2017, the new owner of Immersive Theatres decided to remove this known fact from the website footer, and emails.
  • Immersive Experiences filed its trademark first 18 August 2017, but this was unjustly opposed by Immersive Theatres in 15 September 2017, after which Immersive Theatres filled its own trademark 29 August 2017 with no objection from our company at the time, as we were unaware of this sudden action.
  • If customers ask, then they are always made aware of the differences between the two companies, and we find there is little to no confusion as we are two very different brands
  • Immersive Experiences always tries to offer bookings to other planetariums in the UK, through The British Association of Planetaria, and Immersive Theatres have benefited from our company sending them client(s).
  • The comments made in circa 2017, which we feel were prejudicial and discriminatory to not only our company, but our founder (one of the few minority owned planetariums in the world) have since slowed down, and we wish Immersive Theatres, and its new owner all the best with its endeavours.
  • We believe all planetariums share a common goal, and we ask planetariums to stand and promote more their merits than to viscously attack fellow members, whom play a major role in our industry
  • Since 2017 Immersive Experiences has grown to become one of the world’s top mobile planetarium brands, thanks to immense support from partners not only in the planetarium industry but international partners from other sectors. 
  • In 2018, Immersive Experiences broke the UK record for engagement numbers, reaching over 200,000 in one year. Customers/clients/partners see our company as a well established brand, with a open and clear mission, driving educational excellence
  • In 2019, Immersive Experiences was chosen as the planetarium and brand of choice by our first international customers, meaning our british planetarium brand is now officially represented on multiple continents and recognised as a leader within its industry.

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