Open Air/Eye Dome

Introducing our ‘exhibition style’ dome from Immersive Experiences!

We are now pleased to offer the Eye-Dome.  The Inflatable Negative Pressure Dome designed for trade shows and exhibitions where an immersive experience is desired but space is limited.

The Eye-Dome has the advantage of inflating and setting up in only a few minutes and has the immersive impact of a standard inflatable dome. The Eye-Dome Negative Pressure Display is very eye-catching, allowing passers-by to be drawn in easily but allowing space to evaluate the trade show opportunity. The Eye-Dome is a perfect trade show display that will set you apart from other run-of-the-mill booths’ displays.

In addition, the Eye-Dome is the perfect dome for production testing and viewing of fulldome content without having to invest in a costly dome structure that permanently takes up valuable space. The Eye-Dome can be inflated and used on an as-needed basis and has been particularly popular during health emergencies, such as Covid-19, where social distance is required.