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Hands on Dinosaurs

Get up close to a T-Rex!


Our T-Rex is approximately 8ft tall, 3ft broad, and 17ft long including the tail.

Rex is a real life-size newborn T-Rex. He’s the UK’s first dinosaur with REAL legs! Some UK animatronic dinosaurs are not as lifelike as Rex, since the dinosaur operator’s legs may be seen, destroying the illusion. Our operator’s legs are hidden, making our T Rex the most realistic T Rex available for rent in the UK today!

With lifelike movements, Rex’s eyes flicker, his tail jerks furiously from side to side, and when he opens his mouth, his HUGE TEETH are visible, and he ROARS! He has a Safari Ranger with him to assist him navigate and socialise.

Tyrannosaurus Rexes were the most ferocious carnivores. Rex, our dinosaur, is a marvel. Fear not, he is a humorous and pleasant guy with a fearsome face! He’s drawn to humans and will smell out your gadgets!

This carnivore will entertain your visitors in corporate events, schools, museums, retail malls, festivals, themed events, and celebrations for all ages!


Jurassic earth

Our Giant T-Rex Dinosaur is 12ft tall and 22ft long!

We are proud to introduce ZEUS, our newest and largest T-Rex Dinosaur and Europe’s largest walking T-Rex Dinosaur!
This Giant T-Rex can soar to dizzying heights of up to 12 feet and a staggering 22 feet in length! As he prepares to make appearances at shopping malls, museums, festivals, and Jurassic Park-themed parks and events throughout the country, our Rangers are working tirelessly to train this Jurassic Beast!
There has never been a better-looking, more lifelike, and more mobile dinosaur. Gasps from the audience will be captured on film as Zeus the T-Rex swings his head around and lets out a roar!
Zeus, our T-Rex Dinosaur, has even been booked for his first television appearance, so keep an eye out! ​
This Giant T-Rex includes animatronic blinking, a giant mouth that opens and shuts, and a mighty, sharp ROAR that will be heard across the world! We strongly advise you to use earplugs!
With the help of one of our experienced and entertaining Dinosaur Rangers, you can watch this HUGE Media attraction perform for your audience!
All of our Rangers have a great deal of fun entertaining and interacting with every one of our guests.

We’re the best because we’re obsessed with dinosaurs!



Also available - our Brontosaurus, one of our planet's biggest beasts!

Emily Bronty joins Jurassic Earth! This 15ft tall herbivore with a long, slender neck is a major attention wherever she travels!
The Brontosaurus is one of the most well-known and loved dinosaurs by audiences worldwide.

With her huge, hefty torso and long, whip-like tail, it’s simple to understand why! She needs a big arena or stage as she is 25ft long!

Guaranteed to get your audience and guests ooohing and awwing… Isn’t it amazing to see our stunning prehistoric creature raising her beautiful long neck?
Big Heart – Tiny Mind
Intuitive, yet with the smallest brains of all the dinosaurs. Emily is yet to learn a Rangers trick! Her big heart pumps blood up her long neck to her tiny brain.
Emily Bronty isn’t the smartest of our dinosaurs, but she’s the best in the UK!
A life-size walking Brontosaurus for hire or a trip to Jurassic Earth Theatre Show!
Our interactive Dinosaur Rangers love to amuse this fascinating ancient beast! We never know who is more delighted, the audience or our Rangers introducing our dinosaurs!
Emily Brontosaurus may be hired with Zeus and Rex, our T Rex dinosaurs, Tank Triceratops, Richie & Rocky Raptors, Spence & Stevo Spinosaurus, and our lovely baby dinosaurs!



Tank Triceratops! Your guests will love having this friendly giant meet them!

Tank The Triceratops joins our Dinosaur family! Tank is Europe’s most lifelike animatronic dinosaur and a major hit with dinosaur aficionados.
This magnificent creature is 5.5 metres long, 1.5 metres broad, and 2.3 metres tall, weighing a tonne!
Hire a Triceratops Dinosaur for your next festival or event. One of our brilliant, interactive Dinosaur Rangers is accompanying this big beast! We never know who is more delighted, the audience or our Rangers introducing our dinosaurs!
Our gigantic new addition looks stunning in action! In addition to his enormous size, our huge herbivore Triceratops is gaining the hearts of all who see him. As he comes, the crowd will try to feed him leaves!
Your guests will go Oooh and Ahhh when you rent triceratops! The enormous guy won’t hurt a fly… until he accidentally steps on it!
Tank the Triceratops may be hired together with Rex, the T Rex, Richie Raptor, Spence Spinosaurus and our darling kids! Like on TV!
Oh, and we named him “TANK” for a reason!



Do not blink, do not breathe, and do not run! Instead, experience the thrill of the raptor dinosaur!

Following our new Triceratops, we now have a new predatory Dinosaur in our herd. Our new Raptor is mischievous, naughty, clever, noisy, and not so cuddly! Like on TV!
Performance drives this Raptor. His moves and mannerisms are so realistic that he might be from Jurassic Park 3 – even his colouring matches the movie! He blinks, roars, and even swallows! It has realistic noises, motions, and looks. This is the only Raptor in the UK!
Our puppeteers and performers put on a fantastic Raptor dinosaur performance.
It’s a performance display. His keepers will explain to your audience how this mischievous Raptor is 100% wild and not yet trained like our other walkabout dinosaurs. Seizing his chance, he is now stalking the designated performance area, ready to terrorise everyone who approaches!
This is perfect for large-scale events, public relations stunts, and filmmaking! Hire a Raptor Dinosaur to make people scream! So he makes others laugh too? And the shouts will be of joy!
Our more friendly T Rex, Raptor, and Triceratops walkabout Dinosaurs and lovely newborn infants are also available for private hire.



Meet Spence, our carnivorous Spinosaurus!

This is Spence, our animatronic Spinosaurus Dinosaur!
His unusual spines and sharp teeth captivate both youngsters and adults… but don’t be fooled by his crocodile-like smile! He’s crazy and unpredictable!
Thankfully, he’s accompanied by a trained Dinosaur Ranger. Spence Spinosaurus is still a baby, and we want to train him soon! Train him by walking with our Spinosaurus
Spinosaurus were among the most ravenous meat-eaters of all dinosaurs, and Spence is no exception! This youngster is always hungry and on the lookout for food with his razor-sharp teeth.
Spence Spinosaurus has never been more popular, thanks to Jurassic Park 3! So hire a Spinosaurus dinosaur for your next event!
Have you ever seen a smiling Spinosaurus?
Hire a Spinosaurus and a Jurassic Ranger for your event!



Hire newly-hatched baby dinosaurs for parties and events!

These extraordinary prehistoric creatures are captivating! They are hungry for attention and not at all shy! They love to nibble fingers and take a good look around… be gentle with them, they are only baby dinosaurs and still a little fragile!
These true marvels of the Dinosaur world hatched recently, and we are pleased to say we still have a dinosaur egg intact! We can bring this with us for photo opportunities if required and children may climb inside (very gently, please…. we don’t want to crack the egg further!) to have their picture taken in a “real” dinosaur egg!
We are proud to introduce our newborn baby T Rex, Protoceratops, Triceratops, Brontosaurus and Raptor to join our family of Dinosaurs! These hand-held babies delight children of all ages. They are an exciting addition to the Dinosaur Packages we offer for Schools, Children’s parties, nurseries, fun days, festivals, shopping centres and museums.
With animatronic features that include blinking eyes, baby roars, mouth and head movements, children believe they are witnessing the real thing. A wonderful experience for any child that will spark their imagination and encourage learning about the prehistoric cretaceous period.
Invite a baby dinosaur to your party, tickle them under their chin – they love it!
You can hire a super-cute baby dinosaur to come to your school, shopping centre, birthday party, family fun day or festival, in fact, any event! Choose from our baby herbivores; Trixie Triceratops and Barney Brontosaurus are gentle and curious. The carnivore babies, Rex Junior and Richie Raptor, are mischievous! They are all perfect for inspiring children for creative writing projects and draw pictures! They are a great addition when hiring our more giant Dinosaurs and are guaranteed to create squeals of laughter and screams of delight!



If you're planning a Jurassic-themed event, consider hiring a talking dinosaur.

"Helloooo! Isn't it obvious what you're doing? Let me be clear: I'm speaking to YOU. I recognise you from your blue Spiderman T-shirt!"

It’s fun for kids to converse with Cory, the Talking Dinosaur since they get to hear him say goofy things.
Children and adults alike will enjoy his hysterical antics, including roaring, singing, and imitative dance moves.
Cory’s brilliant red crest and markings make him an appealing dinosaur, but what truly sets him apart from the others is when he decides to engage in conversation with guests!
You may have heard about talking parrots and parakeets who like mimicking their human companions; they pick up words and repeat them at random, delighting and surprise others.
You can’t go wrong with Cory the Talking Dinosaur! He enjoys catching people off guard by making personal remarks on their appearance and engaging them in conversation. It’s only a matter of time until humans start mimicking this dinosaur! It makes him happy to watch children imitating his Dinosaur Disco Dancing moves and waggling their tails in time to his own voice.
He will come to life at certain points during your event by interacting with attendees by moving his head, arms and torso! Youngsters are enthralled with Cory and can’t stop pestering him with questions!

Your Jurassic Theme Party should have a REAL Talking-Point, so hire Cory, the remote-controlled talking Dilophosaurus Dinosaur.

Cory’s Tale: 🙂
In the beginning, we felt Cory looked like the duck-billed dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous Period 77 million years ago, so we named him Corythosaurus.
It was only after we discovered that Cory could talk that we learned that he was a DILOPHOSAURUS, an Early Jurassic theropod dinosaur from North America that lived around 193 million years ago!
If you’re planning an event based on the dinosaurs, consider hiring a talking dinosaur!

"Helloooo! Isn't it time to go? Yes, I'm referring to you, sir. In the blue T-shirt with Spiderman on it, I can clearly see you!"

Cory the Talking Dinosaur is a huge hit with kids everywhere since he’s so much fun to converse with.
Children and adults alike will have a great time with him!
Cory’s bright red crest and markings make him an eye-catching dinosaur, but what truly sets him apart is when he decides to engage in conversation with passing visitors!
Everyone has heard about talking parrots and parakeets who mimic their human owners by repeating strange sentences that they’ve learned from their masters.
You can’t go wrong with Cory the Talking Dinosaur! He enjoys catching people off guard by making personal remarks on their appearance and engaging them in conversation. Humans will soon be copying this interactive dinosaur’s every move. When he sees children mimicking his Dinosaur Disco Dancing, he’s over the moon!
At various points during your event, Cory will come to life and engage in conversation with guests! Cory captivates the attention of children, and they are eager to ask him questions!
If you want a REAL talking point at your Jurassic themed event, hire Cory, a remote-controlled talking Dilophosaurus!

The Life of Cory:

The crest on the top of Cory’s skull, which resembles that of a duck-billed dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous Period, leads us to believe he was a Corythosaurus Dinosaur.
It was only after we discovered that Cory could talk that we learned that he was a DILOPHOSAURUS, an Early Jurassic theropod dinosaur from North America that lived around 193 million years ago!



Your Jurassic Themed Dinosaur Event can't go on without "Noisy Norman," the animated T-Rex!

Our T-Rex Dinosaur, Noisy Norman, is both an animatronic and a static prop. Whenever someone walks by, he’ll scream to life since he has motion sensors installed.
He wags his tail, rears up and down, and even moves his arms about! His fangs are razor-sharp and he bites! Be careful!
On a rock, this T-Rex Static stands 2 metres tall and 3 metres long. On his own, or in combination with other items such as our Jurassic Dinosaur Backgrounds and Jungle Plants, this animatronic T-Rex dinosaur may be hired.
Noisy Norman is a terrific complement to our Jurassic Themed Props and Dinosaur Events because of his lifelike sounds and body motions.
With the animated T-Rex dinosaur, Noisy Norman, children are delighted!


Dinosaurs Egg

Set the scene for a Jurassic Dinosaur Themed Event by hiring a Giant Dinosaur Egg Prop Photo Opportunity for your event!

Create roaring good fun for everyone by having a giant dinosaur egg prop at your Shopping Centre, Museum, Festival, Precinct, Birthday Party, Corporate Event or Family Fun Day!
This 5ft Dinosaur Egg Prop can create a terrific “photo booth” opportunity, and comes with fake-grass and straw to set the scene. This is guaranteed to cause a Social Media stir as well as bringing crowds of people to your dinosaur event and generating increased footfall!
Everybody will want to take a photo of themselves inside the Dinosaur Egg! Venues and Centres can upload photos to their website and Social Media sites, which is perfect for “Tag Yourself” Social Media campaigns. Children and adults alike love to climb inside this giant T Rex Dinosaur egg and have their photo taken roaring like a real baby dinosaur! The perfect “Photo Booth” opportunity for Dinosaur themed events!
Create a themed dinosaur area to place the giant egg and watch the queue start to form as families and children all wait to have their photos taken in this egg-siting prop-ortunity!
Hire a Giant Dinosaur egg prop as an added Egg-stra to your Dinosaur Themed activities when you hire our T Rex Dinosaur and his gorgeous newborn babies!
Check out the happy faces of the children and adults in our Dinosaur Egg carousel below! Altogether now…. say “ROOOOOARRR!”
If you want a bigger Dinosaur scene, please ask about hiring our Jurassic Dinosaur Props to dress up the Dinosaur Egg Prop even more and create a bigger Photo Opportunity!


Jurassic Park

Ranger Training Camp is the place to learn how to be a Dinosaur Ranger!

In order to become a dinosaur ranger, do you have what it takes?
Dino-Mites may learn how to care for and handle our wild dinosaurs at Ranger Training Base Camp!
For Jurassic Themed Events, this is a terrific activity to add to our Dinosaur Walkabouts!
Dinosaurs and how to become a ‘real’ Dinosaur Ranger are popular topics of study for children.
Sign up for this fun Ranger Training session at Dinosaur Base Camp!
This is a really popular activity for our guests. Laughter, yelling, and roaring will be the order of the day!
Discover our range of Jurassic-themed activities for your next event.



For occasions, hire Jurassic and dinosaur props.

Get ready for your event!

Hire Jurassic Themed Dinosaur Props for Amazing Photo Opportunities! Everyone wants a selfie with a dinosaur, and this is a fantastic Social Media opportunity!
Our huge Dinosaur Backdrop is perfect for introducing our dinosaurs. We can play Jurassic music to make your guests feel like they’re in Jurassic World! Bring in massive masses!
Recreate Jurassic World scenarios with our “ROAR”some dinosaur props – a fun family attraction! Bring the Prehistoric Cretaceous era to life!
  • Blue, Green, Orange – 5ft

  • 6ft T Rex Prop!

  • props – 5ft

  • 7ft. Brontosaurus

  • 6ft Allosaurus Prop

  • Dilong Paradoxus 5ft

  • Igneodon – 4.7ft

  • 7ft High x 10ft Long Animated Static Prop

  • Backdrop with Jurassic Theme 10ft x 12ft

  • 12ft High x 10ft Wide Jurassic Park Entrance Prop

  • 3ft Dino Bones

  • 5ft x 3.5ft Dinosaur Egg Photo Booth

  • 1ft Dinosaur Egg Props

  • 1ft Therapod Egg Prop

  • T Rex, Pterodactyl, Brachiosaurus and Triceratops kids hatching 1.5ft each

  • 5-6ft Bamboo Jungle Plants

  • Palms -5ft

  • 7ft Palm Trees

  • Uplighting

  • Bamboo netting in woodland

  • Ivy Wall Art

  • Dinosaur Danger Signs

  • Dinosaur Crossing Warnings

  • Dangerous Dinosaur Tape

  • Portable Jurassic Music PA System

  • 20ft x 13ft Marquee Ideal for Jurassic Props & Display

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