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The best of both worlds: an astronomer-led night sky curriculum linked show followed by a 360˚ film. Available with all performances…

Length: 30-45mins

A Tale of Scale

A Tale of Scale is a delightful short feature in the format of a poem. This show is about the size comparison of Planets and Stars. This show achieves a


Astralis is about the life cycle of Stars. From the birth of Star in a stellar nursery to its journey towards a black hole or supernova, we’ve explained the phenomenon


The exploration of space is the greatest endeavour that humankind has ever undertaken. What does it take to be part of this incredible journey? What…

Length: 23mins

Bizarre Moons

Our Moon is the most prominent & special companion in Earth’s night sky. It was year 1610, when Simon Marius & Galileo Galilei discovered Jupiter’s four large satellites, bringing the


A 360˚ film that explains and explores the nature of dark matter, the missing 80% of the mass of the…

Length: 20mins

Flight Adventures

Discover the science of flight through the eyes of a young girl and her grandfather as they explore how birds, kites, planes and models fly. Learn about the history and

poster magnetism 600


MAGNETISM demonstrates how the Earth’s magnetic field protects our planet from energetic particles from the Sun and galaxy, and how the magnetic…

Once upon the Big Bang

The Big Bang Theory is one of the leading explanations of how the universe came into existence. The universe as we know it, started with a singularity, inflating over the

Phantom of the Universe

Phantom of the Universe Presenting a new full-dome planetarium show: Phantom of the Universe: The Hunt for Dark Matter, with narration by Academy Award winner Tilda Swinton and sound by

The Adventures of Victor & Garu

An inspirational endorsement to the joys of travel, touching lightly on social issues. The film attempts to stimulate the urge to discover and…

Length: 25mins

Unveiling the Invisible Universe

Unveiling the Invisible Universe For thousands of years the humans observed the light coming from the night sky with their eyes. In the beginning of the 17th century, the invention

Voyager – Interstellar Mission

The mission objective of the Voyager Interstellar Mission (VIM) is to extend the NASA exploration of the solar system beyond the neighborhood of the…

Length: 5mins