MUSICA – Why is the Universe Beautiful?

Musica 500MUSICA – Why is the Universe Beautiful?

Stunning 360° film presenting the idea that art, music, physics and mathematics are fundamentally related and an integral part of the beauty of the Cosmos.

Expanding on the ancient philosophical concept of musica universalis (the harmony of nature), this highly educational and cross-disciplinary film offers one explanation as to why we find Nature inspiring and beautiful.

With vivid, detailed descriptions of the spiral designs inherent in natural phenomena such as DNA, sunflowers and galaxies, the concepts of harmony and harmonics that result from maths and physics are demonstrated to be universally present.

“Spiritual without being offensive” – UK secondary school teacher

“So emotional, a truly wonderful experience, it will stay with me forever. Many, many thanks, it was beautiful” – UK visitor

Full preview below.

Film Type

Length: 26min
KS4-KS5, Adults

FREE: What’s the Point of Maths? booklet for KS3-KS5 from the National STEM Centre.