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Leisure, relaxation, contemplation. From chaos to creative calm, immerse your senses in the beauty of abstract…

Length: 6mins

Circles of Time

An artistic interpretation of the colours of each month spread over four seasons. Relax…

Length: 12mins

Cosmic Dance

Breathtaking choreography and 360° visuals will engulf you in an unforgettable cinema experience in this unique film…

Length: 45mins


Dancers are uploaded into a computer‘s operating system and race against time to battle a virus and resolve…

Length: 4mins


A collection of beautiful time-lapse photographs of the natural world. Over 10,000…

Length: 7mins

Diana Reichenbach : 0.1

0.1. is an immersive fulldome animated film exploring the evolution of human perception. As digital interactions become closely integrated with…

Length: 8mins


With a dancer in a bubble we travel to astonishing fantasy worlds amongst the stars….

Length: 5mins


Abstracted 360° body movements meet, greet, play and dance together across the dome. Based on the Olympic…

Length: 4mins

Fulldome Fragments

Snippets of immersive inspiration. Can be enjoyed as part of a show or stand-alone. Sample some of…

Length: 1-5min

Gremlins: Ego

A breathtaking and unrivalled fulldome experience by professional artist Michel Gingras…

Length: 7mins

Gremlins: Waan

A journey into dissolving space. Multicolored patterns expand and contract in a circular “breathing” way pushing the limits of resolution…

Length: 7mins


At the dawn of time, the Universe comes into being and star fields begin to take form. The Hindu deity and…

Length: 6mins

Liquid Light Flow

Inside a virtual, transparent dome the audience immersed in multicoloured ‘liquid light’…

Length: 5mins


A condensed, modern and surrealistic 360° version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, performed by a group…

Length: 20mins

Sunset Meditation

A collection of beautiful time-lapse photographs of the natural world. Over 10,000…

Length: 7mins

Tempus Ruhr

A beautifully evocative ‘nightshift portrait’ of the Ruhr metropolis of northwest Germany, captured utilising…

Length: 22mins

The Alien Who Stole Christmas

The Alien Who Stole Christmas

Join Santa Clause and a concerned alien Mr. Freep, as they explore the solar system’s planets and meet the Christmas Eve needs of their fictitious…

The Ooky Spooky Light Show

The Ooky Spooky Light Show was developed for planetariums interested in holiday themed light shows for their audiences….

Length: 38mins

The Scientific Alphabet

7-minute soundbites of scientific information communicated with stunning 360˚ visuals…

Length: 3 x 7mins

Tren Italia

Fulldome experience immersing the viewer of train travel…

Length: 4mins

Waiting Far Away

“An explorer of the Cosmos has travelled too far… and can no longer find home”…

Length: 11mins

Written on the Body

The world’s first fulldome dance film, transporting ‘Dance for Screen’ into a new dimension, the 360˚ screen…

Length: 8mins