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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in a planetarium?

  • A planetarium is a domed building or structure where, classically, you go and see a display of the night sky and a presenter may tell you about the constellations you can see on a given date.
  • Some famous planetariums include the London Planetarium, the Adler Planetarium and the Hayden Planetarium.
  • New technology has allowed us to broaden the scope of a planetarium, and we now are able to bring the dome to you much more easily with an inflatable dome, much like an inverted bouncy castle!
  • We are not limited to night sky shows any more either, as we can show films either directly in front of you or all around you with our 360 degree technology!

What are 'immersive experiences'?

  • Immersive Experiences® is the registered and trademark company of Immersive Dome Experiences Ltd – an award-winning British planetarium firm.
  • Our services cover various sectors, including but not limited to:
    • Education (National and worldwide)
    • Entertainment
    • Business
    • Products
    • Content production
    • 360° projection technology
    • Experientials
    • International exhibitions

How big are your digital planetariums?

  • Our planetariums comes in a range of sizes including: 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m.

  • We also design planetariums to any size, but mainly 4m – 12m for portables and up to 30m for fixed domes installation.

Can these domes be used outdoors?

  • All our domes are made for indoor use only, however they can be used outside if sheltered inside a dry, secure marquee or one of our marquee domes.

  • All of our domes can be weighed and/or tethered down and can withstand a wind rating of up to 25 mph depending on conditions and environment. For safety, we will stop shows if the wind speed approaches 15-20 mph, as the surrounding area may pose more of a threat than the domes themselves.

How many people can the domes accommodate?

  • Domes have a various capacities based on age, and size of audiences. This can be range from 35 audience members for our smallest domes to more than 100 for our largest domes.

  • The largest planetarium in the UK is the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium at the National Space Centre in Leicester which, at 18m, can seat 196 people!
  • Our Planetarium Hire page has more information on capacities of our domes.

How much space do the domes require?

  • As we have a large fleet of domes and installation, please visit the individual pages for planetariums, VR, exhibitions etc. These pages will contain information relating to recommended space requirements.

  • As a general rule of thumb, we recommend at least 1m clearance around our installations with the exception of height.

Does London still have a planetarium?

  • You may remember the old London Planetarium at Madame Tussaud’s in Baker Street which was renamed ‘The Auditorium’ in 2006 and ceased night sky presentations.
  • The main fixed planetarium in London is the Peter Harrison planetarium at the Royal Observatory Greenwich.
  • Immersive Experiences also serves London and the outlying boroughs and much further beyond, bringing the domes to you!

How far do you travel?

  • We are an international company with bases not only in the UK but also around the world. As long as your region has local and international courier and transport access, as well as safety in place for us to install our systems, we will be able to deliver you an amazing experiential!

Do you offer accessible shows?

  • All our domes are fully wheelchair accessible, and we offer a full range of options for SEND clients. 
  • Many of our shows are also available in different languages, please check the catalogue or contact us for details. 

Can I create my own content to screen in your dome?

  • Yes, we are strong advocates of the new ‘full dome’ (360˚) digital medium and will happily work with you to create  or adapt your own content.

What are your payments and cancellation policies?

  • Unless otherwise agreed and authorised in writing, all purchases and hiring of our services requirement full payment in advance.

  • Typically, UK schools are permitted to pay up to one week before the booking date, however we reserve the right to cancel the booking if payment is not made.

  • International bookings require full payment in advance.

  • International purchases require at least 50% deposit, and remaining 50% upon procurement of all items.

  • Business and corporate installations can request flexible payment terms, such as 40% contract signed, 40% upon delivery and installation and 20% upon completion and removal.