Immersive Geodesic Technologies

Negative Pressure Technology

  • Premium projection quality and feel
  • Mobile or fixed projection dome
  • No visible holes or perforations in screen
  • Fast, easy and durable installation



Blowers are used to evacuate the air between the external, structural envelope of the dome and the inner fabric envelope.

This creates negative pressure and causes the screen to conform perfectly to the shape of the dome.


Immersive, FullDome Software

Single server ideology

Setting a new standard for the fulldome industry. With the help of revolutionary technology it’s possible to connect up to 64 projectors and deliver an 8K resolution using just one Fulldome Media Server.


Rock solid stability

Fulldome Media Servers run on a custom build of the Linux OS, which ensures quick system start, unmatched malware protection, and rock-solid stability and reliability.

A single server solution also results in a lower failure rate and an easier hardware replacement, over multi-server systems.


Simple wireless control

Running the show has never been easier. The projection system is controlled wirelessly with the help of an intuitive iPad interface.

You have complete freedom to operate the show from any place in the dome and interact with the audience easily and comfortably.

The universe really is in the palm of your hand!


Geodesic Technologies

Introducing our ‘semi-permanent’ steel or aluminium fleet of domes from Immersive Experiences®

All our Geodesic domes come with a suite of options including:

  • Projection systems [Spherical Mirror or Fisheye]
  • Hardware [Mac or Windows based computer system]
  • Audio
  • Air Conditioning
  • Software [Media Show, Real-Time Playback]
  • Dome lighting
  • Dome seating
  • Programs & content


The bottom drape can be customised and can be made in vinyl for rain resistance, and the sturdy aluminium frame allows outdoor use in good weather. Features a two-meter spring line for open events, so height is 5m for 6m diameter dome and 6m for 8m dome. Packs in 3 rolling packing cases for shipping or storage.

The structure is perfect for indoors where you want to avoid the issues associated with deflating a positive pressure dome and at the same time have an open inviting space for people to come and go as they please without the feeling of being trapped inside a closed structure.

We offer 3 sizes of Geodesic Negative pressure Domes. Our 5-meter Geo-Dome, designed for indoor use only and perfect for trade shows and indoor events. Go-Dome’s 6- and 8-meter Geo-Go-Domes are designed for either indoor use or temporary outdoor use under restricted conditions.

Note on outdoor use: We have designed the 6 and 8 meter Geo -Domes for “Non-Certified Temporary Use” – so they will withstand 20 mph winds and 45 mph gusts. Under this classification, the structure cannot remain erected outdoors for longer than 20 days in a row.

Pricing Note: 15° tilt add 12%

Pricing Note: Outdoor Version add an additional 30%