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Virtual Learning & Entertainment

Virtual Planetarium 

Due to increased demand for our services online, we have developed a powerful online, virtual learning experience including your very own planetarium.

Our virtual planetarium is available to schools, home schoolers and private parties.

  • Streamed live to your classroom, home or office via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom.
  • You can book either 1 sessions lasting up to 1 hour, or 6 sessions spread throught the day, week, month or year.
  • You can submit questions beforehand to our astronomers to ensure the sessions is bespoke to your class or family

Booking Information & Package Options

  • Each session includes our award-winning live astronomer show lasting up to 1 hour
  • Curriculum linked topics: day/night, moon phases, star navigation, constellations, observable planets, solar system
  • Q&A from the audience/class
  • Extra focus of topics of your choice, such as rocket launches, and clips from the International Space Station.
  • Live astronomy lesson, showing the real sky above your town/city
  • Live real-time clips and animations inside our virtual planetarium showing concepts such as sun structure, eclipses, star sizes, earth tides etc.
  • Final questions and revision over key concepts
  • Free downloadable worksheet certificates or posted free to you
  • Free worksheet certificates sent to your school beforehand (one per student)

EYFS/KS1: Callisto The Great Bear Adventure

  • Curriculum links: Introduction to the night sky, Sun, Moon and constellations.
  • Session type: Storytelling and sing-along twinkle twinkle little star
  • Duration: 45 minutes

In this virtual storytelling and sing-along session, we will all be going on an adventure with Callisto the teddy bear. Callisto is looking for her son Arcus who is hiding in the night sky – can you help her find him? As we explore the night sky and learn how the sky moves, we find lots of beautiful planets and star pictures, which we call constellations. Arcus has decided to play hide and seek, so can you help Callisto find him?

KS2: Earth, Sun and Moon

  • Curriculum links: Sun, Earth, Moon system: relative sizes, scale, orbital periods, and motion.
  • Session type: Workshop via Zoom including our virtual planetarium
  • Duration: 45 minutes

In this virtual session, students will explore the Sun, Earth and Moon system with a real astrophysicist. Together they will investigate the similarities, differences and the relative scale and shape of these amazing objects. The Earth and Moon’s motion through space and how it relates to the concept of time (day, month, year) will also be explored. The session will include several interactive elements such as video clips and practical activities to encourage students to think about how the Sun, Earth and Moon system works. A Q&A opportunity is included as part of the session so they can ask any big questions about space they may have.

KS2: Our Solar System Explored

  • Curriculum links: Earth and Space 
  • Session type: Workshop via Zoom including our virtual planetarium
  • Duration: 45 minutes

Students take a journey through our amazing Solar System in this interactive digital session. Together with our astronomer they will explore the different types of space objects from the Sun all the way through to space rocks and learn a little more about them along the way. This session will include several interactive elements such as video clips and activities to help get students thinking and talking about the wonders of our Solar System. A Q&A will finish up the session so they can ask any space questions they may have. The session will then be followed up with our revision activity for students to try afterwards to give their brains a real workout.

The Night Sky

Based on our award-winning planetarium shows, these online shows are led by one of our Senior Presenters covering basic astronomy plus Q&A.

Ever wanted to learn more about the night sky? What is up there? What you can see?

We will begin by following the Sun until it sets and then the show of the twinkling stars takes the spotlight. From planets to the Perseids, the Moon to the Milky Way and stars to supermassive blackholes, we have it covered.

All led by one of experienced Senior Presenters, the shows last for an hour with Q&A encouraged throughout.

    • £80 + VAT per 1 hour session
    • £350 + VAT for up to 6 sessions
    • £550 + VAT for unlimited sessions between 9am-5pm
    • $100/90EUR per hour for international schools

Virtual Storytelling

These sessions have the same content as our in-person school shows, only presented via a livestream. Same impactful storytelling with children’s input, delivered to the comfort and safety of your home or classroom.

Suitable for a wide range of purposes, including:

    • Introduction to storytelling
    • Speaking and listening
    • Stories from around the world
    • Storytelling into writing
    • Book weeks
    • World Book Day
    • National Storytelling Week

Booking Information & Package Options

Children aged 3-7

    • Recommended duration is 45 min max per session
    • 15 min break in-between sessions

Children aged 7+

    • Recommended duration is 45 min max per session
    • 15 min break in-between sessions
    • £80 + VAT per session
    • £350 + VAT per school day (6 sessions)
    • $100/90EUR per hour for international schools

Virtual History Performances

‘Reel History’ sessions encompass exciting, interactive online workshops that are delivered in short, memorable segments across all major historic periods.

We are offering our Online History sessions for:

    • The Stone Age
    • Ancient Egypt
    • Ancient Greece
    • The Romans
    • Saxons and Vikings
    • The Mediaeval World
    • The Tudors
    • 17th & 18th Century
    • The Victorians
    • World Wars

Dressed to kill

Find out what the British Army took into battle in WW2 from its weapons to making a cup of tea! Have a go at some drill in our live session.

Target time!

It’s time for some bayonet and grenade practice at our unfortunate target!

Also, going on a bombing raid and then discover how to defuse a bomb…

Fabulous fashion

Who would you meet on a wartime street? Let’s find out about why this conflict was called a World War as we look at the countries and armies involved in the story of WW2!

Air Raid Antics

Find out what kept you safe with our warning sound challenge and remember, DON’T FORGET YOUR GAS MASK! as we look at life on the Home Front.

Finally it’s quiz time, where we see what you’ve remembered.

Sessions last approximately 1h15mins.

‘Target Time’ – We use weapons and equipment from history to shoot/throw at targets in our studio to demonstrate in real time their power, skill and impact!

‘The Tuck Shop’ – We conduct live taste tests of historical food, drink and recipes to show how tasty (or not!) historical food was.

‘Fabulous Fashion’ – Using the catwalk as our platform, we model fashions of the past, bringing to life historical characters, Gods and more!

‘The Big Picture’ – Our unique take on A History of… in 5 minutes, we start our sessions with a condensed, light-hearted overview of the era being delivered.

    • 1 Hour: Our sessions are an hour long and delivered in a very exciting, active and engaging way.  
    • Short Segments: The hour is broken up into short 10-15 minute segments that capture different elements of History, ensuring the audience is constantly engaged.
    • Interactive: We add in interactive elements with quizzes and activity that the
      audience can join us in from their school or home!
    • All Eras: We cover topics from the Stone Age right through to 20th Century conflicts.
    • KS2-3 Focus: Most of our online sessions are focused to a Y3-8 audience at the moment
    • £80 + VAT per session
    • £350 + VAT per school day (6 sessions)
    • $100/90EUR per hour for international schools

Documents available on request

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  • Terms and Conditions
  • Risk Assessments & Method Statements
  • Public Liability, Indemnity, Employers
  • Fire Certificate, PAT Certificate
  • Child Protection & Audience Code of Conduct