Teacher Wellbeing

Teacher Wellbeing

We admire teachers for the tremendous work they do, and we are keen to make the Immersive experience as simple, smooth and enjoyable as possible. We also recognise that times can be difficult for the education profession as a whole, so we want to give back as much as we can to ensure that teachers, “thrive, not just survive”.

There have been several scholarly articles published in recent years that show that ability to maintain wellbeing and respond resiliently to professional challenges is recognised as a valuable capacity for teachers. With that in mind, we have made a free package of options available for any member of staff who wants to use them during their booked day(s).

Use of the Dome

At times when there are no students in the dome, we are happy to make it available to anyone who simply wants to lie down and relax, to look up at the sky or watch sunsets or just use it as a space to gather their thoughts. We have a range of options that we can offer on the day to whomsoever wants to take time out and make use of the space. Members of staff are also encouraged, if they would like it, to bring their own music and listen within the restful confines of the dome.

This time can either be in a long break (lunch or timetabled break) or before or after school, to suit staff members. We also have sets of eye massagers that can be used by staff while they are relaxing in the dome.

It is our pleasure to offer these teacher wellbeing sessions for all 2023 bookings, so feel free to request it upon booking!