Celebrate in style

From crowd-pulling spectacles to parties, we boast a stunning range of entertainment programs utilising the very latest in portable 360° entertainment. Immerse your audiences with beautiful art, music and dance and let them experience something truly unique.

Immersive Birthday Parties

Our entertainment 360° dome cinemas bring together beautiful outdoor venues, mixed with art, music and dance. Alongside our ourdoor domes, we have stunning themes to match your party, whether its in your home or a venue close to you.

Booking Information & Package Options

Truly unlimited dome shows which can range from 10-60mins across the duration of your booking


    • Currently our most popular birthday package, brought to your homes and friends’ households
    • For all ages, from 6 to 60 and beyond!
    • Book a 1 hour bespoke party, crafted by our astronomers, showing the sky on the day your special one was born
    • Have a guided tour of the sky, with constellations and planets on the tour
    • Ask the astronomer questions along the way, including, “What’s my astronomical star sign?”
    • Free certificates posted to all children participating, sent direct to their homes
    • Space food ice cream, meteorite goodies sent direct to you
    • AR Games to play after the show
  • Planetariums
  • Dance Domes
  • Live Activities
  • Room Projections
  • Giant Moon, Rocket, Flowers
  • Bespoke Party Cakes
  • Astronaut Ice Cream
  • Costumes (Space, Narnia, Disney)
  • Sword Fighting
  • Historical Battles
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality Games

We work around your schedule, e.g. take a break after an hour for refreshments, food, cake-cutting etc and run party events at anytime of the day or night.

All our events can be integrated with your music and content, making the experience as personal as you like at no added cost. We also include personalise branding for your event, with incredible attention to detail.

    • Party packages range from £450 – £2750 + VAT
    • New Virtual Planetarium Parties from just £75 + VAT
      • Add Astronaut Ice Cream from £5.00 + VAT
      • Add real shooting star, meteorite fragment in gem jar from £10.00 + VAT
      • Add space costume hire from £100.00 + VAT
      • Add AR Game pack from £10.00 + VAT 

Immersive Weddings

From bridal showers to the big day itself, we provide a unique 360° experience to your guest looking for something different. Maybe you want us to entertain children or perhaps play some beautiful trippy music/art in our digital immersive cinematic theatres.

All our performances/portable venues can be customised with your imagesmessagesmusic and decorations. Our outdoor venues can hold around 50-70 guests, including chairs, table, stage area and DJ booth.

Our outdoor venues also link together to make even larger spaces, so no matter how large the event, we can build the perfect marquee.

Wedding Packages

Why not let us create the perfect backdrop for your guests to witness you exchange sentiments under our giant domes, complete with stunning visuals to suit your needs.

Have your guests eat under the night sky, or transport to another world whilst enjoying some delicious treats.

Popular with immersive room projection lighting, from snowfall to gravity defying digital effects all around your guests. Video mapping indoors or outside to dazzle your guests.

Dance and party domes – we’ll keep those kids entertained for you with amazing live acts including stunning bubble shows and magic.

Dance music inside the immersive theatre domes, private shisha smoking areas for your audiences to kick back and relax, and giant chillout igloo spaces.

Wedding packages range from £750 – £5000 + VAT

Immersive University Balls

We offer hypnotictrippy, psychedelic events that promise to blow your audiences away with a truly unique 360° cinematic entertaining experience. Each of our events are delivered to you bespoke to match the theme of your event.

All our experiences are fully accessible and world leading for the inclusion of PMLD, SEN, WheelchairHearing/Visually impaired audiences.

University Ball Packages

Choose a dome that fits your venue, including the popular giant 10m entertainment music dome. Over 100 different experiences, as well as tailored experiences to match your event. Themes include: ‘Musical Spheres’ ‘Under the Stars’ ‘London’ ‘UFOs’ ‘Dr Who’ and many more.


  • Large domes – indoors & outdoors
  • Soft flooring, cushions, bean bags
  • Double dome projection and room projection
  • Content to support your theme

Watch blockbusters from Hollywood and independent film studios inside our luxurious pop-up cinemas, complete with luxury high-back bean bags, chairs, cushions and duvets to make the experience like nothing you have had before. With our cinemas, you can lay back with a glass of wine and really relax the way you want.

Giant floor beds, resting areas with mood lighting and relaxing music including our ice bar, helmet dome, giant snowglobe, ball pits and sensory rooms.

Bring the drones to your party inside our unique drone domes. Fly, race and compete against your friends

Bring a touch of the future of entertainment by immersing your audiences with our mind-blowing VR experiences. Lay back on a space roller coaster or float under the ocean. With over 100 VR experiences, you may forget where you are!

Step back in time and re-live battles from ancient Britaln, Greece or Rome. Learn how to sword fight, throw an axe or have a go with our archery and longbow lessons

University packages range from £750 – £5000 + VAT