Sunset Meditation

Sunset Meditation Poster

Sunset Meditation

How do STEM workers, including NASA professionals, cope with stress? Exercise is one way. Physical activity and fitness has been discussed in many NASA outreach efforts. However outreach efforts regarding other branches of health: emotional, psychological, and social well-being are lacking. Given that jobs come with stress, a global understanding the science of stress and learning a healthy way to cope with it helps with the wellbeing of employees, job productivity, employee retention, etc. Meditation is a powerful tool for maintaining psychological health and resilience. Since the planetarium offers a dark and quiet space for relaxation, it is the perfect place for meditation.

View an amazing sunset as you travel from the Grand Canyon to the North Pole. Then relax under a night sky filled with stars and glimpses of the Northern Lights.

Enjoy this show as a stand alone piece of with a yoga/tai chi intructor for your audiences.

Show type

Photography / Art
KS3 – KS5  /  Adults
Duration: 23 mins

Script: English, French, Spanish

Audio Languages: English, French

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