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Arrows of Time – A tribute to Dr Who

Starring COLIN BAKER, not one, but ten Doctors battle it out with their darkest enemy ever, in this first multi-Doctor, multi-verse, fulldome planetarium show. Prepare to be taken on the adventure of your lifetimes as you help them battle The Given, an evil force older than the universe itself, in a desperate attempt to thwart his plans and save the universe from total destruction. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate companion?

This 4K show features animated biometric talking avatars, stunning visuals, and a brand new story culminating in the ultimate tribute to the world’s favourite sci-fi hero. Featuring the amazing voice talents of Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor, as The Narrator, John Guilor, the voice of the First Doctor in the BBC’s official fiftieth-anniversary story, “The Day of the Doctor”, and Jake Dudman, Big Finish’s newest star. This truly is a fan’s dream come true.

Planetarium Show Information & Distribution

Length: 35mins
KS1-KS5, Adults

Licence: Exclusively available to watch for free with any booking of our planetariums

Purchase of the fulldome show for your planetarium available:

  • 2k dome masters: £2000 perpetual annual licence
  • 4k dome masters: £4000 perpetual annual lieence

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Planetarium Testimonial

“I worked with Zee and the other fine people at Immersive Experiences on the launch of this new fulldome show. Not only did they handle the organisation and publicity admirably, it was so well done that we sold out and were able to add an additional show on the same day. I am very confident to allow Zee and his colleagues to handle the global distribution of the show and can personally endorse them for their professionalism and ability to deliver.”

Duncan, Film Producer, Arrows of Time

Planetarium Show Reviews

A wonderful show to winess, and all staff were a joy

Voice acting was incredible!

Really interesting concept, love the shots of space

Planetarium is the perfect venue for this sort of show

Loved the atmosphere and music

Bring on more of these shows please!