Chronicle of a Journey to Earth

Chronicle 450

Chronicle of a Journey to Earth

Travel to a unique planet — and call it home.

Imagine you’re a traveller from deep interstellar space. As you approach our Solar System, what will you find? Long before you reach the Sun, you cross the Oort cloud deep-freeze. You then pass the gas giants with their families of moons and rings. Finally, you reach the inner Solar System and the rocky worlds of Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury.

If you were looking for a place to call home, which world would you choose?

All travellers would ultimately be drawn to Earth, to explore and understand how this planet alone has come to be a haven for life. Discover seasonal climate changes and witness wondrous spectacles from the surface of this unique world. Come along for the ride and enjoy our Space neighbourhood from a new perspective.

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Film Type

KS3-KS5  /  Families  /  Adults
Length: 20min
Available in English (UK), English (US), Spanish, Thai, Russian, Catalan, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin).