Fables&Fairy Tales Children’s Book Club

This book subscription for kids is truly EPIC: Enthralling, Participatory, Inspiring, and Creative!

Each month, you’ll receive a new book of Fables & Fairy Tales, each with stories that have been enjoyed by millions for hundreds of years! The tales are retold by some of the UK’s leading storytellers, each with illustrations from a team led by Winnie the Witch’s Korky Paul.

Suitable for shared reading with ages 4+, and independent readers aged 7+, they are perfect for bringing the whole family together. At least once a month, your household will eagerly pick up the post!

Epic Educator Book Club

Fables & Fairy Tales is not just a book club for children. Our special Educator Editions help your learners develop their enthusiasm for reading for pleasure, and provide everything you need to channel that enthusiasm into knowledge-rich lessons across a wide curriculum. Make your classes engaging, memorable, and fun!

Each month, you’ll receive a new Fables & Fairy Tales: Educator Edition, each with stories written especially for you to read aloud and instantly enthral your learners. And with each tale you’ll find over 6 engaging lesson plans and worksheets for each age group of 4–7 and 7–11, covering a variety of subjects – but always English, Maths, Science, and PSHE.