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"Thank you for attending our STEM fair, the children left inspired by the real astronomer presentations."
"Just to say many thanks for a great day! The children clearly loved it (even the bolshy ones!) and it was a brilliant, imaginative way to bring the Middle Ages to life."—Aldwickbury School, Wheathampstead
“It was amazing and very engaging with the children. Highly recommended for schools!”
"Stunning international shows, and in different languages!"
"Highly recommended for international schools, exceptional standards."

Extrasolar Planets

EP 450Extrasolar Planets – Discovering New Worlds

We live on a small planet revolving around a star similar in size, luminosity and location in the galaxy as countless others.

We now know that other stars have planets orbiting around them the same as our star. Could some of these extrasolar planets be habitable like Earth?

Astronomers design and use complex instruments to simultaneously observe thousands of stars. By precisely measuring the light from each one they occasionally detect periodic changes in brightness – evidence that a planet is passing in front of the star.

Some of these worlds may harbour intelligent life; the alien inhabitants may even be aware of our presence. Discover how we have unintentionally been transmitting signals towards them for a long time.

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Film Type

Length: 30min   /   KS3 – KS5   /   Families  /  Adults
Also available in Spanish, Catalan, French, Korean, Thai and Dutch.