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"Thank you for attending our STEM fair, the children left inspired by the real astronomer presentations."
"Just to say many thanks for a great day! The children clearly loved it (even the bolshy ones!) and it was a brilliant, imaginative way to bring the Middle Ages to life."—Aldwickbury School, Wheathampstead
“It was amazing and very engaging with the children. Highly recommended for schools!”
"Stunning international shows, and in different languages!"
"Highly recommended for international schools, exceptional standards."

Journey to the Centre of the Milky Way

JCMW 450

Journey to the Centre of the Milky Way

What lies at the heart of our galaxy?

Embark on a journey to the centre of the Milky Way and in seven minutes travel faster than light, from the driest place on Earth (the Atacama Desert in Chile) right to the centre of our own galaxy, where a black hole is consuming everything that strays into its path.

84 million stars will appear in front of your eyes, each hiding mysteries waiting to be solved. Are there planets around them, perhaps with moons? Do they have water? Could they harbour life?

Full-length preview below.

Show type

Duration: 7 min
Upper KS2 – KS5  /  Families  /  Adults