Live Astronomer Show: SEN/PMLD (All Ages)

Live Astronomer Show: SEN/PMLD (All Ages)

Book the UK’s No. 1 planetarium for special needs – Our highly acclaimed live and interactive shows, perfect for audiences with various and complex special needs.

Our specialist accessible dome theatres, allow multiple wheelchairs and a more flexible program, allowing members of the audiences to enter and leave the experience as they please. This ensures a very relaxed style of programming for the day, whilst ensuring shows are ability-appropriate.

With hundreds of special needs students served every year, our team ensures all the shows are adaptable for the day, i.e. shorter, less narrative shows and more visual.

We also bring along more tactile learning, in the form of braille books and meteorites, as well as an induction loop upon request.

And for that added attention to details, we have available lovely soft flooring and cushions/bean bags, so your students can really enjoy the experience laying down

Show type

  • Various lengths to suit your needs, from 10min to 25 minutes
  • Unlimited screenings and topics of choice from space to dinosaurs, and music to sea creatures
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