Live Astronomer Show: KS1 (Seasonal changes)


Night Sky component: KS1 (Seasonal changes)

Astronomer-led, ability-appropriate introduction to the current night sky, with interaction and questions, touching on the topic Seasonal changes (Year 1) of the latest Science Curriculum.

In the night sky component we will also happily focus on specific topics of your choosing eg. how the tilt of the Earth affects seasons, etc. Please describe what you’d like when completing the online booking form.

Show Type

The night sky component is presenter-led, adaptable for Years 1 and 2.

  • An astronomer-led introduction to the current night sky based on the science curriculum
  • Interactive with Q&A
  • 3D tour of the solar system
  • 3D visit to the International Space Station

Total duration: flexible between 20-25min

FREE worksheet certificates for all those taking part