The Scientific Alphabet

ScientificABC 450

The Scientific Alphabet

7-minute snippets of scientific information communicated with stunning 360˚ visuals.

Note: Spanish productions narrated in English. Please preview them in full below to ensure you are happy with the style and content.

  • A is for Aurora : The Biggest Screen in the World (7min). Marvel in awe at the splenour of this natural spectacle while discovering how it is formed. Full preview below.
  • N is for Nucleosynthesis : The Gold Hunters (8min) Find out about the origin of the elements and discover the only way gold can be created. Full preview below. Note: narrated in English yet elements are labelled in Spanish.
  • V is for Volcano : Two Salmon in a Volcano (7min) Swim with two imaginary salmon able to withstand extreme temperatures as they explore geysers and volcanos. Full preview below.

Film Type

KS2-KS3  /  Families
Also available in Spanish and Russian.


A is for Aurora : The Biggest Screen in the World



N is for Nucleosynthesis : The Gold Hunters



V is for Volcano : Two Salmon in a Volcano