We Are Aliens

we-are-aliensWe Are Aliens

Join scientists in the hunt for real aliens. How do we know which planets could harbour life? What are the requirements for life?

Discover how robots are programmed to fly to alien worlds, land on their own and then are driven by remote control from Earth.

Will we ever encounter intelligent life in our galaxy or are we perhaps alone in the Universe?

A range of free UK curriculum biology, chemistry and physics resources available here.

KS3 and KS4 Exoplanet Physics resources by the IoP free to download: Exoplanet AtmospheresThe Transit MethodPlanet DensityThe Habitable Zone, Exoplanet Day, Night & Seasons.

Film Type

KS2 – KS5  /  Familes  /  Adults
Length: 23min
Full preview available here and trailer below.