Map to the Chocolate Planet

Two alien kids in some other Galaxy got the taste of Chocolate. In search of some imaginary planet made of chocolate, they traveled the Universe, eventually arriving at our Milky Way. Searching each planet of the solar system to derive which one is made of chocolate, they learn lots of other interesting facts about our Solar System.

Show details

Duration: 24 min.
Audience: General
Audio: 5.1 Surround Sound (Separate channels available)
Narration: English, Hindi, French, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Chinese

Incrediblt Introduction to the Solar System - for juniors

An Incredible Introduction to the Solar System

We present a lovely experience of our Solar System specially created for young audiences. It is perfectly timed to engage children and give about the right amount of knowledge with lovely visuals and catchy tunes and is perfect for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary kids. With this, we feel that learning about the solar system is an important part of every child’s education.

Show details

Duration: 8 min.
Audience: General


A Tale of Scale

A Tale of Scale is a delightful short feature in the format of a poem. This show is about the size comparison of Planets and Stars. This show achieves a very unique way of representing the size comparison. With the help of fun filled motion graphics, cute fable, rhyming script and melodious music, the show will put a smile on your face and is very much adored by young audiences and is suitable for all ages!

Show details

Duration: 5 min.
Audience: General

arab astronomers

Arabian Stars

Ramadhan Moon

Our highly acclaimed and popular ‘Islamic Astronomy’ show, presented by one of the UK’s most experienced astronomers.

This lively interactive show, goes back in time to the lands of Arabia where astronomers looked up at the night sky and made links between the heavens and scriptures within the holy book – The Quran

Show overview

  • Why was astronomy so important to early Arabian astronomers
  • Importance of Sun, in telling the time for prayer (salat)
  • Position of stars in directing worshippers to the Ka’bah
  • Phases of the moon, to determine the islamic month
  • Constellations as a form of inspiration for Islamic art and henna design
  • Why so many stars bear arabic names
  • Introduction to the works of Abu Ali al-Hasan (Alhazen) (965-1039 AD)

Show details

  • Live and interactive shows
  • Can be delivered in schools, community centres and mosques with segregation allowance
  • All ages
  • Approximately 30 mins long
  • Show is followed by an recitation clip from the Quran talking about space